Why Content Marketing are Beneficial for Your Hotel

Sept.14, 2016 - SAN DIEGO CA

Remaining relevant in the highly competitive hospitality industry requires a well-laid plan. If you want your hotel or resort to attract and retain a steady clientele, you’ll need to do more than merely place some powerful ads in magazines or use SEO tactics to increase website traffic. You should also be using content marketing and social media marketing to stand out in the crowd.

Why Does Content Marketing Work?

The intent of content marketing is to alter consumer behaviors and ultimately generate profits. This is done by consistently providing those consumers with pertinent, valuable information through blogs, videos, images and articles. Because content and social media marketing are ongoing processes, you can use these strategies to continually market your brand without having to rely on sales pitches.

Delivering interesting and relevant information to the right audience can create brand loyalty as readers begin to trust you as a reputable resource. It’s the ideal marketing approach not only for hotels but for hotel management groups as well. Many influential and powerful organizations already use content marketing, including Microsoft, Kraft and Proctor & Gamble. What better way to succeed than to follow in the footsteps of thriving businesses?

How is SEO Losing the Marketing Battle?

Search Engine Optimization is dead. If not dead, then taking a long nap. Manipulating the major search engines in order to rank high is no longer the most effective way to gain visibility. Consumers are more intelligent, and many are more suspicious of these tactics. Content marketing is alive and well because it’s a way for businesses to build trust. Trust often leads to gainful customer actions.

Today’s travelers want to be educated about their destinations and accommodations. By creating tips and guidelines for your potential customers, you may develop an ongoing relationship with them. Content marketing can make your audience feel closer to your company. Providing captivating content also promotes continued interest, while SEO methods simply function as temporary traffic cops.

What is the Newest way to Optimize Searches?

The latest approaches in creating brand awareness focus on external and on-site optimization. This means generating traffic to your website via search engines, social media and blogs, but it also requires you to provide useful, quality content that visitors can easily navigate. If the information is captivating enough, readers will spend time on your site, which may prompt Google to place you on page one.

Blogs and articles can be a hotelier’s best friend when it comes to attracting customers. Without these tools, your website will likely remain stagnant. There are endless opportunities for encouraging your readers to become longstanding customers. The key is to produce a variety of content that serves as a constant reminder of the value in your services.

Who is Reading Your Blogs and Articles?

Once you decide to use content marketing, you’ll need to target your articles and blogs toward a specific group. Focusing on travelers and their needs and interests allows you to provide consumer-focused content. You can get inspired by asking your audience what they want to discover in the world of travel. This consideration can give you an edge in the industry because consumers ultimately want to feel respected.

If you can create rich content that educates the consumers, engages them and supports their needs, you can increase the potential for profitable leads. To go one step further, consider reaching out to professional or home-based bloggers. These groups often have established audiences, and they can influence a community of consumers you may not be able to reach on your own.

How can you Create the Best Content?

Your content marketing strategy should be comprehensive, so be sure to use social media to promote your blogs and articles. The aim is to be ever-present in a connected society. However, leaving your footprint in the social media realm won’t do any good if you’re not offering quality content to begin with. Value is key, so provide articles that grab and hold the attention of the readers.

You’ll also need to deliver your content in multiple ways. Include traditional text, but add videos, images, info-graphics and social media posts as well. Even a comment section for users to share their thoughts will go a long way. It may also help to jazz up your headlines, provide compelling call-to-action details and link earlier articles to your recent entries. Linking internally is an easy way to encourage visitors to explore your site and your service.

What are Some Examples of Successful Content Marketing?

One of the simplest methods you can implement is a time-sensitive blog post. It can be as basic as a list of the most exciting local destinations for celebrating the Super Bowl. This type of post not only sparks plenty of immediate interest based on relevancy, it provides the opportunity to generate awareness in your hotel or resort. If you offer useful suggestions, your audience will trust you and eventually trust your brand. (Please inquire at Bionic Sisters Productions about their success stories)

Consumers no longer want to read advertisements, and they are skeptical of meticulously placed keywords in online media. Many people prefer to learn about a company through a series of compelling blogs or videos. You can establish trust and attract long-term business by giving potential clients what they want: personal, practical, valuable and entertaining content. Ultimately, effective content marketing will continually remind customers why your hotel is their best option.